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Welcome to Suffolk's own yachting news page!

On this home page, we plan to introduce lots of information to help make sailing in Suffolk an even more enjoyable experience.
Please contact us with information to publish on our pages.

Based on the river Orwell, the two Petes keen to start developing this website are active sailors on their Bavaria 34 (based on the river Orwell). They hope to provide a What's On service (regattas and boat jumbles etc) and an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the people and the boats that sail in the Suffolk area and nearby - from barges to sailboards.
They also want readers to take shots of boats they see on the Suffolk rivers, or off the coast, and then get them published on this site so the owner can see and get in touch if they would like to obtain a full quality version.
We can also use the site to help each other and support the continuing growth of sharing experiences.  Any potential authors wishing to get involved, please send us your contact details. 
If you wish to have material published on the site, please send the copy together with a suitable picture to us. The site uses SiteBuilder to create the pages and any person with some basic IT skills could be shown how to become a fully fledged editor themselves.
We also aim keep you in touch with any local hazards and all the local sailing fixtures in Suffolk - keep us posted!


Breaking News!

In this area we can highlight a new listings or mention the results from the latest regattas. It will be update this area frequently, and be sure to add links and pictures.



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