Yachting in Suffolk

Aims of the website

Aims of the website
Some boats around the Orwell
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Links to Yacht Clubs in Suffolk

We hope to link up with Ipswich Haven Yacht club and all other clubs along the Suffolk coast.
Our site will become the starting point for visitors outside our area, especially Holland to start exploring the region and get the best from their stay.

Information of Interest to be added

Regatta Days and Cruising Association plans for the coming year. 

Good Eating Places

All good pubs, restaurants etc.
If you found a good one please advise! 

Best SeaDog Yarns

Here, we might also include comments from old seadogs who play the anchors just for fun. For example:

"Barry Wilson is a fantastic knotmaker - he can splice a steel rope just by using one hand and his left toe!  Now there's a good party trick.  

I may include a map to my office in this area.